Federer, the only one? Capable of refuting dominance

Without a doubt, the Swiss is the man on whom to place our hopes if we don’t want to bet on Novak. Federer is a Masters Cup legend (the one with the most titles) and the fee of 5.00 for his victory makes his alternative more than succulent. Federer is also one of the four players who has beaten Djokovic this year and arrives rested after having little presence on the court after the US Open.

Roger Federer faces his 14th consecutive Masters Cup. He only once did he fail the Round Robin. He won 6 titles and played 9 finals

The truth is that Roger has succumbed on the last two occasions in which he faced Djokovic in the Masters Cup but if he plays at his level he is the perfect candidate to face him in a hypothetical final. And if that happens, with both tennis players tied at 21 victories in their particular duel, we can risk minimally for him.

Rafa Nadal, the student who arrives with the most hours of ‘study’ at the end

Rafa Nadal

Analyzing the Spaniard’s chances of winning in London, we cannot fail to be honest: he has very few, although in the case of Rafa you always have to leave a slight margin for epic. It has been the worst year in his sports career and that is the dressing that makes this appearance in the Masters Cup the one in which he is furthest from victory, since this tournament is the one that has always been the worst for the Spanish player. The surface combines the two worst elements for your game: Hard and indoors.

Rafa Nadal is the 2nd tennis player in the TOP 5 with the most victories since the US Open (13) after Djokovic (22)

Despite everything, Nadal has recognized that his injury this course has been “mental” and that little by little he is recovering. His matches against rivals like Federer shortly before arriving in London are confirmed by game, not so much by results. His record against ‘Top 10’ tennis players this season is bad, 9-4 and he lost the two finals he reached (2010 and 2013). His victory is quoted at 17.00 and if he manages to overcome the Round Robin he can become a very valid alternative, although it is difficult for him.

The Masters Cup, Andy Murray’s pending issue

Masters Cup

The Scotsman never played a final in his beloved London, and that weighs on his unstable psychology when it comes to playing. He has conditions to perform on a hard court Indoor, and he already knows what it’s like to beat Djokovic this season, although for example he has lost twice to Federer (he hasn’t beaten the Swiss since 2013).

Few bet on him and see guys like Wawrinka (13.00 odds) as a better option when it comes to betting on surprises. But the Scotsman has already overcome this type of challenge before and under normal conditions he is called upon to fight Federer and Djokovic for a place in the final. His victory is listed at 11.00.

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